Top Three Reasons to work NDPD:

  1. Attend Football Games for Free
  2. Work with Friends and Family
  3. Evening and Weekend Hours

Our Associates

Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz

Football Parking Cashier, 1 year

"Working in parking services provides me with an incredible opportunity to make money, meet new people, and have fun doing it.  When I come to work, I'm surrounded by a strong community of people who genuinely care about me.  I am able to create a schedule that works around my busy college life.  I love that I am able to contribute to the celebrated reputation and legacy of Notre Dame making a lasting first impression with guest coming from around the world to watch games, attend events, or visiting Notre Dame's iconic campus."

Jennifer Duarte

Jennifer Duarte

Parking Services Attendant, 2.5 years

"I would say the people I get to meet and work with is the reason I like working at Notre Dame. The on call schedule is very flexible! There's a lot of diversity and you can attend most sporting events."

Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson

Parking Enforcement Officer, 15 years

"Working at Notre Dame gives me a great chance to meet people from all over the world.  It is a diverse place place to work with many opportunities.  I like working in Parking Enforcement as the hours are flexible and everyone is very supportive and we work as a team."

Jobs with NDPD

Careers with NDPD

Thomas Kauble 400

Thomas Kauble

Parking Services Program Manager, 13 years

  • Joined the University as an on-call parking services attendant 
  • Promoted to Football Parking Lot Manager
  • Transitioned into a part-time Gate Monitor  
  • Accepted a full-time position as a Campus Safety Officer
  • Promoted to Special Events Program Manager

"Working at the University is very exciting because of the people. Parking Services allows us to meet and interact daily with the diverse backgrounds of all of our Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests on campus.  Being able to serve and help others on a daily basis in a great work environment is very rewarding! ."