Stay Safe On Campus

Without the right information and prevention, today’s college students are increasingly at risk in a world where violent crime, school shootings, cyber crime, online stalking, identity theft and more are on the rise. This series of videos provides useful, practical information and advice for situations students face every day.

Protect your Possessions & Identity
NDPD Property Registration Page
Residence Hall Safety
NDPD Robbery Prevention Tips
OIT page on phishing

Stalking Resource Center
University Counseling Center

Common Sense Defense
P.E. Self Defense Class

Sexual Assault
Notre Dame du Lac: A Guide to Student Life
University Health Services
University Counseling Center
Notre Dame Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention
McDonald Center for Student Well-Being
Gender Relations Center
Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County

Everyday Safety
NDPD General Page
NDPD How to/when to report
ND Alert
NDPD Active Shooter
McDonald Center for Student Well-Being
Gender Relations Center

Notre Dame International Travel & Safety
Traveling abroad?  Need information? ND International Travel & Safety