NDSP arrest 2 with fully loaded guns

Author: Paul Browne

Police badge

Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) apprehended two South Bend residents Wednesday evening (May 30) near the University of Notre Dame campus and recovered two loaded handguns from a silver Pontiac G6, driven by Troyon Scott, age 18, of 1718 Chapin St.

His brother Troyae Scott, age 20, 2413 Kenwood Ave., was a passenger. Both were charged with weapons and marijuana possession. Troyon Scott was also charged with operating a vehicle, having never been licensed.  

The handguns, Glock 19 and Glock 45 semi-automatic pistols, had fully loaded magazines of 17 rounds and 10 rounds respectively, each with an additional round already chambered. The guns were recovered under the front driver’s and front passenger’s seats.

NDSP Officer Jim Buchmann had been monitoring South Bend Police Department radio traffic when he heard the description of the vehicle identified in an earlier incident. A passer-by had called police when she saw the car and its apparently motionless driver stopped on the Angela Boulevard bridge. The passer-by tapped on the driver’s side window, prompting the driver to speed away, eastbound toward the Notre Dame campus. The vehicle passed Buchmann at Angela Boulevard and Notre Dame Avenue, changing lanes near Eddy Street without a turn signal being employed. Buchmann stopped the vehicle as it crested the hill at Edison Road and Harrington Drive, where Buchmann was joined by Officer Tim Reiter. NDSP Lt. Andre Bridges also assisted.  

The Scott brothers were handcuffed and taken into custody without incident. The suspects were transported by NDSP to its headquarters at Hammes Mowbray Hall, where they were met by members of the South Bend Police Strategic Focus Unit. The two were then transported to the Metro Homicide Unit, where local and federal law enforcement are continuing the investigation.


Originally published by Paul Browne at news.nd.edu on June 01, 2018.