Accessible Parking

The University of Notre Dame provides Accessible (handicap-designated) parking for individuals while parking on campus in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. A valid state issued ADA placard or licenses plate must be displayed on the vehicle parking in the Accessible space.

Temporary Accessible Parking Permits may be obtained from the Parking Office for up to six weeks. To obtain a Temporary Accessible Permit, you are required to bring with you a letter from your doctor, on the doctors letterhead, stating that you have a health condition that warrants a need for accessible parking with a duration date included.

Getting A Disability Parking Placard

In order to receive a disability parking placard, you must complete an Application For Disability Parking Placard Or Disability Plate - State Form 42070. The application must be certified by a physician with a valid and unrestricted license.


Accessible Parking Spaces on Campus

Please visit and enable the Accessible Parking overlay to view locations of accessible spaces on campus.