Bicycle Use

Bicycle Use, Registration, Parking, and Other Rules                                                     


Operate bicycles safely and courteously; follow university rules and state law, I.C. 9-21-11.

Use of proper safety gear (helmet etc.) is recommended.

Bicycles are frequently targeted by thieves. Help prevent theft: Properly lock your bike.

Register your bicycle with NDPD and display the tag visibly on the bike. Registration is free and can be completed in person with your bicycle at Hammes Mowbray Hall.

Damaged or un-repaired bikes may not be stored or parked on campus.

Parking is available throughout campus at designated bicycle racks. Do not park bikes in buildings without permission from the hall or facility manager. Do not lock bikes to any tree or plant shrub. Do not park bikes or secure bikes to any entrance/exit ramp, stairway, or stairwell railing. Do not lock bikes to anything other than bike racks. Do not block any exit or entrance to a University building or in any areas prohibited by signs. Stunt riding, trick riding or free styling is not permitted on University property.

Bicycles parked or stored in violation of regulations may be removed and impounded at the owner’s expense. Abandoned, unsecured or unregistered bikes may be impounded at owner’s expense.

Bicycles must be removed from campus property before leaving for summer break or it may be deemed abandoned. Exceptions are made for summer session students who obtain a summer bike tag. Summer bike tags may be obtained from the Notre Dame Police Department. The Summer Bicycle tag must be secured on the bike’s handlebars.

Bicycles must be removed from campus immediately after Commencement. Bicycles not registered with a Summer Bike Tag and collected during the Annual Summer Break Bike Roundup may be immediately classified as abandoned and may be donated to charity or disposed of.

Violations of bike rules may be cited as a violation of the University Traffic and Parking Regulations.