Faculty/Staff Parking Information


Permit Permit Type Permit Color Valid Locations*
Faculty/Staff** B Blue

Bookstore, Bulla, Grace,

Fischer, ROTC, Stadium,

Stayer, and Wilson Lots

Retiree** R Blue
Unofficial Staff/Vendor/Affiliate** UNS, NWS Blue
Allocated Lot/Reserved Space CSC, Z, AA, A, MANT Gold (specified lot or space)

*All permits are valid in student parking C & D lots. Please do not park in GU lots.

**These permit types may also park for up to 90 minutes in the Grotto, St. Liam, or Lyons Lot.

Faculty and staff may register their vehicle through ParkND, also accessible through InsideND. Please visit the Parking Services office to receive your parking permit.

Vendors, Contractors, and other Non-University Affiliates

Parking on campus now requires a valid parking permit issued by Parking Services. To obtain the proper credentials, please work with your Notre Dame contact and request that they visit the Irish1 Card website to sponsor you for an Irish1 Card. You will then be asked to obtain an Irish1Card (400 Grace Hall); then visit Parking Services (first floor of Hammes Mowbray) to receive your new parking permit.

Remember to bring your Notre Dame Irish1 (ID) card, your vehicle license plate number, and the make/model/color/year information for your vehicle.

Faculty/Staff Reserved Parking Program 

Nd Parking Made Easier Graphic H Display

The Reserved Parking Program, available to full-time faculty and staff members, serves as a convenience to those seeking a permanent parking space. To participate in this program, faculty and staff members must enter a waitlist to request a space based upon their first or second choice in any lots containing reserved parking.

Reserved spaces are available in the Bookstore, Bulla, Dunne, Fischer, Grace, ROTC, Stadium, Stayer and Wilson Faculty/Staff lots. There is no cost to be placed on the waitlist. 

The annual cost for a reserved space is $528 ($44/month). This fee is evenly divided and paid as a pre-tax deduction from the individual’s paycheck each pay period.

Waitlist Management through ParkND

Please login to your ParkND account, and visit the Parking Portal to add, edit, or delete your Reserved Parking Waitlist preferences. 

You may edit your 1st or 2nd choice preferred parking lot waitlist, and you may also view your rank (or position) on each waiting list.

The Parking Services Office will notify you by email when a space becomes available. Your acceptance or declination of any waiting list offer will remove you from all waiting lists on your ParkND account.

Important Note: You may enter a maximum of two waiting lists through ParkND.



  • LEGENDS RESTAURANT lot is for dining patrons only.
  • No Parking along the shoulder of St. Mary's Road
  • Do not park in ADA/Handicapped-Accessible spaces; unless a State-issued ADA permit is displayed (along with the ND parking permit).
  • Do not park in any Service/Maintenance or Reserved (numbered) spaces* (in any parking lot, building dock area, or at residence halls) without prior authorization and/or applicable permit.
  • Be aware of the time limit on timed parking spaces - parking overtime could result in a citation.
  • All Faculty/Staff "B" permits are currently permitted to park for up to 90 minutes ONLY in St. Liam or Grotto lots.
  • Do not park in or block any fire lanes, traffic lanes, or block any dumpsters.
  • No parking in any paved or non-paved areas that are not clearly designated (by yellow lines) as parking areas or spaces.
  • No parking on end caps (end of rows, striped areas.) All driving lanes should be kept clear at all times.
  • Visit ParkND via InsideND to see your personal parking account for citation balance due and to confirm or update your vehicle information.
  • After four (4) citations vehicles are eligible for impound.

*See information below regarding the reserved parking program.