Parking & Traffic Alerts


Temporary Road Closure - Holy Cross Avenue

September 27 & 28 (Tuesday/Wednesday) a segment of Holy Cross Avenue near the Debartolo Performing Arts Center and Stayer Center will be closed due to a utility project involving heavy equipment.  Traffic will be diverted in this area and some parking spaces within DPAC may be inaccessible during this time. Thank you for your patience as crews work in this area.

Parking Lot Closures for Pavement Maintenance

Crack Sealing


SATURDAY, October 1, 2022 - the ROTC, OIT, Jordan Hall, Gate 4 Rolf's Service Maintenance, and Gate 5 area - Galvin will be closed for lot maintenance.

Douglas & Ironwood Reopened on Tuesday, September 6


Douglas Road reopened to east-west traffic from Twyckenham Drive through the Ironwood Road intersection on Tuesday, Sept. 6. The north-south lanes on Ironwood Road, however, have not reopened at that intersection as road construction crews widen the corridor with turning lanes and upgrade traffic lights. 

This is the first time Douglas Road has been open from Twyckenham to Indiana 23 since road construction for Phases 1 and 2 began in the spring. 

As in years past, Douglas Road will be one-way traffic after the football game on Saturday, Sept. 10 from Twyckenham to SR 23.

Phases 3 and 4 of the Douglas Road project are scheduled for next year. When complete, Douglas Road will be four lanes from the toll road entrance/exit to the west through the Indiana 23 intersection and beyond. Ample turning lanes will be added at the Douglas and Ironwood and the Douglas and Indiana 23 intersections, which experience significant congestion during peak traffic times.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is supervising construction.

Construction at Main Gate Continues

The new entrance to campus, when constructed, will include a lane for visitors and one for faculty and staff. There will also be a turnaround lane for those redirected. The improvement will relieve traffic congestion. (Preview: Late this summer, faculty and staff members will receive digitally enhanced hang tags for their vehicles. The new hang tags will open the campus gates and designated parking lot gates.)

The bookstore parking lot will also be improved this summer, and the current basketball courts west of the bookstore will become a parking lot for faculty and staff. New basketball courts, which will include pickleball lines, will be constructed west of the current site.