Sidewalk Access Permit

In order to preserve the safe and pedestrian-friendly nature of the Notre Dame campus, the University has instituted a permit system to restrict vehicle operation on sidewalks and pathways. Only permitted vehicles are allowed to use sidewalks to conduct approved University business. 

Parking Services will issue permits on a temporary, annual or ongoing basis with the approval from the Deputy Chief of Police. Once issued, the permit must be displayed on the lower right portion (passenger side) of the vehicle’s windshield. Notre Dame Police Department enforces the permit requirements.

The permit system is the key provision of the Pedestrian Safety Procedure developed by Notre Dame’s Safety Operations Committee.

Permits are not required for special events designated by the VP for Campus Safety. This includes student move-in and move-out days.

Golf carts are not covered under this policy and do not require a Sidewalk Access Permit. Transportation Services will continue to register golf carts. Only trained operators are allowed to drive golf carts.

Only vehicles possessing a valid permit or exemption may operate on pedestrian sidewalks. Unless permitted by Parking Services, over-the-road vehicles, such as Kubotas are also prohibited on sidewalks. Vehicles operating on Campus sidewalks must be conducting University business.

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