Student Parking Information

Academic Year 2022-23 Student Permits

Permit Permit Type Price Location Valid
Eligible Undergraduate Student C & D $220 Full Year, $120 Spring Semester Only, $80 Summer Session Only Any C or D lot
Graduate Student/Eligible Upperclassman GU $220 Full Year, $120 Spring Semester Only, $80 Summer Session Only  Any GU, C, or D lot
Fischer Graduate Residence F $220 Full Year, $120 Spring Semester Only, $80 Summer Session Only Any C or D lot, and Fischer Graduate Residence
Temporary TMP $20 per week (location specified on permit)
Replacement C, D, GU, F, $20 (same as above)

Student Vehicle Registration

Students must register for a parking permit through ParkND. Please contact the Parking Services Office directly for temporary and replacement parking permits. Allow up to two business days for processing. You will receive an email from the Parking Services office when your permit is ready for pick-up.

Important Information

  • The permit is not transferrable.
  • Permit owner is responsible for all parking citations issued to the vehicle displaying permit.
  • Permits may not be reproduced or gifted.
  • Parking rules and regulations are enforced 24/7.

Displaying Your Permit

  • Must be affixed to the lower left, driver's side of the windshield.
  • Permit number must be visible from the outside of the vehicle.
  • Do not lay the permit on your dash.

Billing Information

  • The student account will be automatically billed for permit purchase.
  • IRISHPAY may be used to check student account balance and submit payments.
  • Citations may be paid via ParkND account; if not paid or appealed within 10 days the citation amount will transfer to the student's account.
  • Citations must be appealed within 10 days of receipt.
  • If the permit is not needed for the Spring Semester due to graduation or study abroad, physically return the permit to the Parking Services Office to request a partial refund.

Rules and Regulations


Student Parking Prohibited in the Following Areas:

  • Any ADA/Handicapped-Accessible space without a proper ADA permit.
  • Faculty/staff/visitor lots from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and any spaces/lots reserved by sign.
  • Main Circle, Morris Inn, Legends lot and Post Office lot.
  • Any central campus lot or space beyond the East or Main Gates.
  • St. Joseph Hall and Moreau Seminary lots.
  • Our Lady of Fatima Property.
  • WNDU lots.
  • Any space on Courtney Lane or Moose Krause North.
  • Galvin Life Science and Jordan Hall lots, including the one-hour, and 90 minute spaces.
  • Fire or traffic lanes, and any paved or non-paved areas of campus that are not clearly designated as parking areas.
  • Individually signed/Reserved spaces.
  • End caps (end of rows-or driving lane in lot).
  • Saint Mary’s College Convent area, which includes the entire southwestern portion of campus area. Signs clearly mark this area. Parking is also prohibited adjacent to residence halls at Saint Mary’s College except when vehicle is being loaded/unloaded. Contact Saint Mary’s Security Office at (574) 284-5000 when parking a vehicle to load or unload or for additional information about parking at Saint Mary’s College.

Students are prohibited from using proximity gate cards or any electronic device to open any access gate.

Game Day Parking Restrictions

Parking is prohibited after 6am on Saturdays of home football games in all B and C lots, Raclin Carmichael Hall,  Library Circle, Dorr Road and parking areas on the Moose Krause Drive and west of the Hesburgh Center. Vehicles left in the above listed lots will be towed at the owner's expense beginning at 6 a.m. Student parking is available in Rugby and Wilson Student lots (GU permit required), Lake lot, D Bulla lot, White Field, and at graduate residences (with appropriate permit). Student parking without special passes is prohibited in all other areas on game day. 

Four hours prior to kick off and at least two hours after the game ends, special traffic restrictions are imposed on roads near campus by University, local and state police. Regular faculty/staff and student parking assignments are not available game day. No overnight parking with a game day hang tag. Please follow directions of police. Most roads leading to campus become one-way and motorists must follow directions of police officers. Access to campus lots is restricted to a special pass during one-way traffic pattern. Motorcycles, vehicles with trailers and large trucks are prohibited in all lots on game day. RV parking on game day is allowed only from 7:45am to three hours after the game in the NDFCU lot. All lots close three hours after the game.

Snow Removal Guidelines

Between December 15 and March 15, special guidelines are in effect to assist snow removal crews with plowing in many of our lots. Vehicles left in the faculty/staff lots after midnight may be towed at the owner's expense. We ask that individuals working late-evening shifts park in the middle of the lot so curb lines can be properly cleared. All vehicles must display a valid parking permit.

Resident Assistants may receive notice to move student vehicles to a specific lot so other lots may be plowed; students will have until the designated time given in the notice to move their vehicle to a specified area. All vehicles must be removed from the designated temporary lot within 24 hours or whenever normal assigned lots are clear.

In some lots, spaces along curb-lines may be restricted to assist the snow removal process. Signs will be posted and vehicles parked in these spaces may be towed at the owner’s expense. 

We ask that you do not park on end caps (end of rows, or in the driving lanes of any lot).