Violations, Towing & Penalties

Payment of Fines, Submitting an Appeal

The first parking citation is generally considered a warning and no fine is assessed. University parking citations must be paid or appealed within 10 days of occurrence. Unpaid student fines will be placed on the student’s account after 10 days. Faculty and staff must pay fines or file appeals within the same prescribed time periods. Permits are not issued to those with outstanding citations.

To pay or appeal your citation, visit ParkND.

Appeal Process

Faculty/staff and students must submit appeals online via ParkND within 10 days of citation issuance. Guests and visitors may submit an appeal in writing by completing an appeals form and emailing it to Parking Services ( In-person appeals are not available or accepted.

Following your submission, your appeal will be reviewed by the Appeals Board which is comprised of members of the Notre Dame faculty, staff, and student body. No member of the Parking Services Office is a member of the Appeals Board. After your appeal is reviewed, the decision of the Appeals Board will be communicated to you via email either to your Notre Dame email address or the email address indicated on the appeal form.

Submit an appeal online via ParkND.

Moving Traffic Violations

Everyone is expected to comply with Indiana law regarding the safe and lawful operations of a motor vehicle. The motor vehicle code is enforced on campus.

  1. Access to the central campus is via the Main Gate and the East Gate and then only by permission. Access via any other gates or by sidewalks, etc. is prohibited unless specific permission has been granted.
  2. Speed limits on campus are 20 miles per hour. Limits on roadways adjacent to campus are posted.
  3. Indiana law requires seatbelt use. IC 9-19-10 Buckle up for safety! 


Vehicles may be towed away or immobilized at the owner’s expense for the following reasons with no liability by the University:

  1. Parking on roadways, sidewalks, grass areas, driveways or fire lanes.
  2. Any vehicle owned or operated by a person whose vehicle(s) has been issued over four citations within the academic year (resets in August).
  3. Any vehicle parked in violation of Special Football Parking Restrictions or snow removal guidelines.
  4. Any vehicle blocking trash receptacles or loading areas.
  5. Any vehicle parked in handicapped spaces without designated permit.
  6. Any abandoned or junk vehicles. (Refer to Indiana Laws.)
  7. Any reserved space or area.

Note that the towing company charges a daily storage fee in addition to a fee for towing.

If you believe your vehicle has been towed, contact the Notre Dame Police Department at 574-631-5555.