Crime Prevention and Safety

Campus Safety Begins With You

Notre Dame Police Department provides important services to the community, but nothing we do can replace your actions in maintaining security and safety on campus. Take time to learn about crime prevention and safety - for yourself and your fellow community members. Information and awareness are your best weapons against crime and accidents. Information in du Lac: A Guide to Student Life and a brochure, "How to be 'Streetwise' and Safe", provides important strategies for promoting safety. Upon request by students, residence hall staff, faculty or other employees, Notre Dame Police will provide educational programs addressing related safety matters including crime prevention, self defense, safe driving, alcohol laws, or other safety topics. 

This website contains timely notices or crime alerts, a log of crimes reported to Notre Dame Police, crime statistics and crime prevention information (as well as other information about Notre Dame Police services). Check out this site often for other information about crimes and crime prevention. Additionally, in the event of a serious crime or incident on campus that may pose a threat to others, alerts are sent to the university community via e-mail and posted on the NDPD website. "Crime Watch" notices may be posted around campus in residence halls and in other campus buildings also. Everyone is encouraged to review such information and to share the information with others that may not have seen it so steps can be taken to minimize exposure to risks.