Parking Services

Customer Service Hours of Operation & Office Location

Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our office will be closed weekends and on all holidays observed by the University of Notre Dame.

We are located on the first floor of Hammes Mowbray Hall on the north side of campus; adjacent to the Post Office. Parking is available on Stepan Drive; 15 and 60 minutes spaces within walking distance to our office.

Save time by visiting ParkND to view/update your account and, if needed, pay or appeal (within 10 days of receipt) parking citations. All fines must be paid or appealed within ten (10) days of the citation issue date. Please note that our office will no longer accept cash payments for citations. 

Phone: (574) 631-5053

  • On-campus emergencies:  9-1-1 
  • Non-emergency calls: (574) 631-5555 
  • SafeBouND: (574) 631-5555

Winter Sports Event Traffic Information for our ND Campus Community

Winter sports season means event traffic may affect your evening commute as you exit campus. We have provided links to both the women's basketball and men's basketball schedules for your future planning. 

Expect inbound game traffic as early as 5 p.m. on game days. Southbound traffic on Leahy Drive will be directed to exit campus via Courtney Lane to Twyckenham Drive. 

We recommend members of the campus community who regularly park in the lots south of the stadium and Joyce Center exit campus via Eddy Street to Angela Boulevard. 

Thank you for allowing extra time to leave or arrive on campus on game days, in anticipation of increased traffic. 


Winter Sports Fan Parking & Inbound Traffic Patterns

Parking lots for all basketball games are open 2 hours prior to the event

– Shuttles will run 2 hours prior to the event from the Bulla and Innovation Park lots to the Baseball lot

– Shuttles are free of charge

– Shuttles will run post-game for 1 hour or until all fans have cleared the arena 

– At least one shuttle will be ADA accessible 

– Inbound traffic patterns will start 1.5 hours prior to the event 

– Outbound traffic patterns be in place for 1 hour post event or until all traffic is cleared

– Leahy drive between Courtney Lane and Moose Krause South Drive will be closed 1.5 hours pre-event for safety purposes

– Please allow adequate time when arriving on campus to park prior to the event.  Parking for some games will be limited in the parking lots south of the JACC so we would recommend that fans use the Bulla and Innovation Park Lots for parking and use the shuttle system or walk.  With the new layout of the Bulla lot, the sidewalk on the south side of the Bulla lot is adjacent to the Guglielmeno Athletic Complex. This requires a short walk to the JACC.

NEW Faculty/Staff "Enhanced Hang Tag" parking permits are ready to pick up now!

The new permits make accessing campus and gated parking lots much easier. Watch this video to learn more...

If you find that your current (white) proximity card no longer opens the gate, please be sure to try your IRISH1 card. You will see a "New Irish1 Card Reader" has been installed. Hold your card up to and against the reader. If your account has authorization to park in a faculty/staff lot, the gate will open.

While your current faculty/staff permit is valid through August, 2023, the proximity card readers will be taken out of service in the near future. We encourage you to stop by the Parking Services office in Hammes Mowbray Hall to pick up your new Enhanced Hang Tag (EHT) parking permits.  

Campus Shuttle Information for Faculty & Staff  

Our campus partners, Transportation Services, will have the most current information about the campus-run shuttle bus services. Please email your questions or concerns about the Campus Shuttle to or call (574) 631-6467

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