Pedestrian Stops

While on campus, students and university employees are required to identify themselves to any university official, including a Notre Dame police or campus safety officer. Innocent individuals might find themselves feeling upset or anxious because they have been approached by an officer for questioning. Although the delay might be inconvenient for you, the officer believes there is a reason to stop you and ask questions. If the officer is investigating a crime or complaint, he or she may also ask reasonable questions to help determine whether a crime has occurred or a complaint is valid.

Police Pedestrian
Depending on the circumstances, the officer will ask that you stop what you are doing and speak with him/her, or in some cases, demand that you stop.

If an officer asks you to stop what you are doing and speak with him/her:

  • Be courteous.
  • Follow reasonable directions given by the officer.
  • Keep your hands visible to the officer.
  • Don’t run, you could fall and injure yourself and it could make you look guilty of something.
  • Do not argue with or touch a police officer.
  • If an officer is taking someone into custody, do not get in the way or attempt to intervene. This could be dangerous for everyone involved!
The officer will ask you to identify yourself. Show your identification to the officer.
The officer may ask you a series of questions. Answer the questions that he asks of you.
  • Officers do not want to keep you any longer than they need to. The faster the officer can establish if you are the person they are looking for, or investigate the complaint, the quicker you can be on your way.
  • It is your choice to answer questions. Be honest if you choose to answer.

If the information that you supply is accurate and he or she is no longer in need of your assistance, the officer will typically apologize for the inconvenience, explain why you were stopped, and resume his or her duties.

If you disagree with an officer’s actions, do not argue with the officer at the time of the stop. Comply and remain calm. You may seek an explanation from the officer’s supervisor one of the following ways: