Visitor & Guest Parking

Welcome to Notre Dame!  We're glad you're here and we hope your experience on campus is enjoyable.  In an effort to better serve you, please see below for visitor and guest parking accommodations.  Please check back frequently for updated information, as we continue to adapt to our growing campus.


Visitor parking is available at the following locations:

  • Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore (one hour parking)
  • Morris Inn (for guests of the hotel or restaurants)
  • Legends of Notre Dame (for customers only)
  • Visitor Lot (paid parking)
  • Baseball, Compton, Joyce & Walsh Architecture Lots (paid parking)

Please visit and select the Visitor Parking overlay to view these areas on a map.


Parking Pay Stations and Visitor/Guest Parking Areas

During regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. - 4 p.m.), visitors must purchase a permit at a pay station (credit cards only).  The permit must be displayed face up on the driver's side of the vehicle's dashboard- visible to parking enforcement staff.

The primary Visitor Lot is located on the east side of the Walsh Family Hall of Architecture. Just inside the lot, there is a parking pay station to the right (the NW corner of the lot).

Additional visitor parking areas are located in the Baseball, Compton, Joyce and Walsh Architecture Lots.

Pay stations to accommodate these areas are located in the Compton Lot (near the bus shelter off of Holy Cross Drive) and in the Joyce Lot (just south of the entrance to Purcell Pavilion). Please click here to see a map showing the location of the pay stations and shuttle routes.

If parking reaches capacity in these lots, the permits from any of the pay stations will allow guests or visitors to park in the Dorr Road, Lake or Bulla Student Lots.  The permits are valid for non-reserved parking spaces only.

The current rate schedule is:

  • 1hr - Free (must obtain permit and display on dash)
  • 2hrs - $1
  • 3hrs - $2
  • 4hrs - $3
  • 4+hrs - $8

No permit is required outside of regular business hours and on holidays.


Departmental Guest Parking

There are two options for departments to cover the cost of guest parking and offer guests free or discounted parking.

Coupon Codes for the pay stations can be requested using this form.  Please allow one business day for codes to be created.  Codes will be sent via email to the requester.

1-Day Guest Permits may be requested by departments using this form.  These are scratch-off hang-tags and are valid for one day only.  Departments may purchase and distribute these permits to guests in advance of their visit.  These permits are $4 each.  The permits are not valid until a specific date is scratched off, so it may be beneficial for departments to keep a small inventory on hand.  These permits must be picked up at Parking Services.  See sample photo below, which includes additional information and instructions for use.

Please contact Parking Services with questions by phone at 574-631-5053 or via email at


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Campus Shuttle

In an effort to make getting to your destination easier, the University offers a complimentary shuttle service Monday - Friday from 7a.m. to 7p.m.  Busses arrive at designated pickup locations approximately every ten minutes.  Please click here to see a map showing the location of the pay stations and shuttle routes. The pay station locations are indicated by the red arrows.  For more information on the shuttle program, please visit the Transportation Services shuttle site, here.