Guest & Visitor Opt-in

Visitors, parents, contractors and affiliates can also subscribe to receive emergency alerts by way of text message.

  • To enroll for one week, text: NDALERTMYVISIT to CAMPUS (226787)
    Enrollment will expire 7 days from the date of enrollment
  • To enroll for up to 365 days, text: NDALERTME365 to CAMPUS (226787)
    Enrollment will automatically expire on July 31st of each year

When the selected time period expires, subscribers are sent a reminder with instructions on how to re-enroll. If a subscriber fails to re-enroll, their information is removed from Notre Dame’s emergency notification system. This simple process enhances the safety of anyone visiting, working or participating in an event on campus.

To opt-out of a list, reply LEAVE [list name]. To opt-out of all messages, reply STOP.

Subscribers will receive confirmation for their subscription as well as information on leaving the list or stopping all messages. Message and data rates may apply.